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Saki and Chi by creepypastalover01 Saki and Chi :iconcreepypastalover01:creepypastalover01 3 0 Image by creepypastalover01 Image :iconcreepypastalover01:creepypastalover01 0 4 Image by creepypastalover01 Image :iconcreepypastalover01:creepypastalover01 0 0 Ishi and JustinLaw by creepypastalover01 Ishi and JustinLaw :iconcreepypastalover01:creepypastalover01 5 4 Ishi and BlackStar by creepypastalover01 Ishi and BlackStar :iconcreepypastalover01:creepypastalover01 2 3 Image by creepypastalover01 Image :iconcreepypastalover01:creepypastalover01 1 2 Chibi Jeffagan and Benary by creepypastalover01 Chibi Jeffagan and Benary :iconcreepypastalover01:creepypastalover01 1 3


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Italy's corset (Italy x Chubby reader) :iconlemonycoffin:Lemonycoffin 103 16
Male Belarus's Corset Male belarus x chubby reader
“ That suits you.”  Said your Belarusian husband  of two years as he sized up the dark blue, white ruffles ending at your hips corset, with a white ribbon between your cleavage. Those jeans showed off your legs and butt as well.“ Thanks. I know.” You smirked as you placed your shopping bags on the living room floor. “ Someone’s confident.” He scoffed as he turned his violet eyes back to the novel he was reading. “ Why shouldn’t I be? After all I got the great Nikolai Bragranski’s heart.” Not bothering to look at you. “ It’s the fluff I love.” “ You sure about that?”
“ You’re personality is just a bonus.” “ A very good one at that.” You laughed at your own little quip.
You hummed as you cooked dinner. Nikolai was almost finished with his novel. It was over the top action with psychoticaticaly fun characters. A good read in his opinion. His eyes needed &
:iconlemonycoffin:Lemonycoffin 258 38
Japan's corset (Japan x chubby reader)
“ That is very improper please go change!”  You whipped your head back and forth looking for a naked Feliciano or shirtless Ludwig. “ What’s improper?” Kiku swore he would have a stroke if it wasn’t for his young age. “ That-that-lingerie yoru parading around in.” He huffed arms crossed over his chest. “ Oh...Kiku you silly goose.” You laughed. He got angry he was trying to keep you from disgrace while you were just giggling. “ This is a serious matter.” He stressed. Stopping your giggling you smiled at him, “ Kiku, this is considered a shirt nowadays also I personally think it suits my body type quite nice.” You gestured to your body and did a twirl. Oh dear Pocky Why was he staring at your curves like you were the star of some Hentai anime. He cleared his throat his face bright red, “ Well then why not have our lunch?”
Lunch with Kiku was the best tea, pocky, maga, and- “Pochi who ya love? Who Ya lov
:iconlemonycoffin:Lemonycoffin 229 17
A Real Bodice-I mean Corset Ripper Introduction
You were always on the bigger side which made shopping a pain in the ass. Every body type out there was beautiful in its own way too bad the fashion industry wasn’t informed of this. Then you saw the most beautiful thing ever. A corset. Corsets were popular among the bigger gals and for a reason they were dead sexy and were comfy when they were the right measurements, this can be said about a bra as well... Though you never knew that your  love of corsets would be reciprocated by him of all people.
:iconlemonycoffin:Lemonycoffin 114 45
Germany's Corset ( Germany x Chubby reader)
You wore black combat boots, camis, and a sparkly corset in the pattern of the German flag.  In other words Ludwig really wish he didn’t have the mind of a sex maniac. “ God’s wounds...that woman is seriously trying to make me take her... in the most...vilest of ways...” He grumbled while he watched you oblivious to his predicament. You were currently walking your Dachshund  named Blackie since it was the name he came with when you adopted him. You saw your friend/fellow dog enthusiast Ludwig with his German Shepherd Blitzkrieg.
“ Good morning Ludwig,” He nodded his head in acknowledgement while Blitzkrieg sat with his tail wagging.Crouching down to him you pat his head, “ Who’s a good boy?” He jumped up and started licking your face clean off. Blackie whimpered and joined him making you fall on your but.Unfortunately you had white girl problems i.e. you had a flat but. Making your fall hurt a lot. Ludwig got pissed. Using that drill sergean
:iconlemonycoffin:Lemonycoffin 372 113
(Name)....she was his love. Demons weren't supposed to love; only to hate and destroy. Instead, he had loved and created....He created a family with her. She was pregnant with his child and she had no knowledge of his past or true identity.
Sebastian was pacing in his room, trying to figure out what to do. There has never been a case of a woman surviving a Demi-demon's birth. His suit sat tight on his waist. He had been eating everything in sight from his nerves and had easily packed on 20 pounds in no time
( name) noticed this, but didn't mind, but she she saw how worried he was " Sebastian, what's wrong? You seem troubled..." she asked concerned.
She was only a month along, but looked about 4. She rubbed her belly. Sebastian couldn't take it anymore. He couldn't lose her. He loved her.
"(Name).....You're going to die...." He whispered, avoiding eye contact.
"You're going to die because of me!"
"w-what do you mean I'm going to die because of you?" she asked him with tear fill
:iconzimantha87:zimantha87 59 7
CielXChubby!Reader- Revenge
Ciel Phantomhive had the most exquisite taste for everything. He liked the finest of everything. Why should a woman be the exception? And his opinion, the perfect woman was fat; more than twice his size.
(Name) was recently betrothed to him, since Lizzie had died. She had potential. She was chubby when she was little, but had to keep her weight down to please her perfectionist of a mother.
But Ciel waited for the day when she was in his care and he could fatten her up as he pleased. The wedding was only 3 months away and today they were making some preparations.
He was walking down the hallway of her house when he heard her mother's shrill voice scolding her. (Name) was sniffling.
"Look at what you've done! See what harm 'Just a little cake' had done?! Your fat tummy is coming back and now you can't fit IN THE BLOODY DRESS!!!!" she shrieked, prodding her stomach with a sharp nailed finger.
"I-I-I'll loose it....don't I always.......M-Mother?" she mumbled, crossing her arms over small s
:iconzimantha87:zimantha87 261 29
Feliciano loved his girlfriend....but he also loved big girls. So, he slowly and surely began to fatten her up.
As the months past, (name) began to pack on the pounds. At first, she didn't notice. She just bought some new jeans and went on with her life. But when those ones didn't fit, she got worried. Eventually, she put on 45 pounds in the 8 months she and feliciano had been together. This was mostly because of Feliciano's delicious pasta. So many carbs came from that.
(Name) only stared at the plate of pasta Feli had given her tonight. She had to buy a new pair of jeans so that she'd have a pair to wear because her previous ones didn't fit. "Feli?"
"Yes, my darling?" He asked, finishing his bite of pasta that was already in his mouth.
"You mind if I skip dinner tonight? My stomach has been acting up recently." She explained.
"Sure, Bella. I don't want you to get sick!" He said, helping her to their bed.
(Name) got ready for bed and just went to sleep. This went on for almost a week
:iconzimantha87:zimantha87 128 5
2P!EnglandXChubby!Reader- The Mirror
I have never been happy about my body. I've always been a bit bigger than all the other girls...and I hated it...until Ollie let me see the light. I met him a few years ago when we were both in culinary school. We started dating and have been ever since. We own a small bake shop together and live together in London.
One day, I was having a fat day; laying around in my pajamas, eating nothing but pizza and some of the left over cupcakes that I brought home the previous night. It was late at night and Ollie had turned in early for the Night. I hid this behavior. I never let him see how fat I am.
After the 5th cupcake and 3rd slice of pizza, I realized what I was doing. I was just making myself fatter! I was already having to squeeze into my size 12 jeans! If I get fatter, Ollie will leave me for sure! I ran to the bathroom and grabbed my toothbrush. I knelt to the toilet and pushed the handle down my throat. I had to do a few times until the semi-disgusted caloric foods had come up.
I mu
:iconzimantha87:zimantha87 116 12
Oliver and I were high school sweethearts. We have been together since the 10th grade. Even through college, we stood right beside each other. I have never stopped loving him in the 10 years that we have been together. I got a degree in culinary arts and he has a degree in management. Together, we have been operating and baking for a little cupcakery in London. Business is well, and therefore we are fairly wealthy; however, there are somethings that have changed.
First off, we have both officially been diagnosed with mental disorders. We see therapists and what not, but in my opinion, they never really work. We also have a little secret. Together, we've killed a total of 6 people, three each. We work as a team, slicing off limbs and hearts. Fortunately, no one has caught us. We maintain a low profile and a false sense of sanity while we run the shop.
There is one other thing that has changed too. While I haven't changed much at all appearance wise since high school, Ollie has had a few
:iconzimantha87:zimantha87 122 36
Chubby!2P!CanadaXInsane!Reader-And I Love It...
Matt was always a big boy. Even when he was the captain of the hockey team in high school, he was still a little husky. Now that he's in college, constantly having access to all sorts of fatty foods, he's no longer husky; he's down right fat...and I love it...
Some might call me insane; hell, I was locked in a mental institution for a whole year (Matt of course came and visited me everyday, bringing me an assortment of little gifts). I love fat men. I always have. Even when I was a little girl, I always found Jonah Hill sexier than Justin Timberlake. Now, I'm dating one of the biggest boys on campus and I love it.
Matt probably weighs a good 340 pounds. I myself am only (weight, lets just say I would not be happy if I was the reader lol), a lot less than he is. He makes me feel so small. He's like a big, cuddly teddy bear. My pet name for him is my Big Polar Bear; his for me is My Little Maple.
He treats me like a princess. Everyone else, though, is a completely different story. He's q
:iconzimantha87:zimantha87 120 18
Chubby!Japan X reader - gamer girl
Chubby!Japan X Reader – Gamer Girl
You have never felt more alive than when you were shut up in your dark room playing video games with Kiku. Of course this happened almost every day; but sometimes Alfred would come over to play too or your mother would come in and tell you ‘girls shouldn’t play videogames’ (though you never felt the need to listen). Despite how awkward and silent some may think it would be, that’s the time you feel the most safe and even the most loved. You sat next to one another mashing buttons and laughing, though Kiku mostly just smiled. You loved that smile most of all.
Kiku transferred to your school from Japan in 6th grade, he was a frail, timid, boy with shiny black hair that stopped a little after his ears and deep onyx eyes. Although being extremely shy and mostly soft spoken, you soon found out that he was especially calm and kind. Since you were never one for drama or negativity, you were best friends by the end of the week. You ha
:iconpostalcupcakes:Postalcupcakes 155 39
Chubby!Russia X Reader: Sunflower garden
You stare absent mindedly at the chalk board, it’s not like you have ever learned anything from eco science. The only plus side of being in this class was the new student Ivan was also stuck in the same room every day for the rest of the year, not to mention sitting next to you. Last summer he had moved from Russia to your small southern town and started going to the high school that fall. You thought he was amazingly cute but never really talked to him, what did you have to say? Sometimes you made pleasant small talk but you would find yourself blushing, so naturally you didn’t get to say much. He would just think you were weird.
Never the less, he was great eye candy. His soft slivery blonde locks shone in the warm sun and his violet eyes looked so welcoming. His skin is still pale from Russia’s unfortunate climate but you think he wears it well. You stole a glance at his mid-section; a round gut lay slightly in his lap. You have always liked guys with some meat on the
:iconpostalcupcakes:Postalcupcakes 201 105
Emma Frost Chubby by DaBSDK Emma Frost Chubby :icondabsdk:DaBSDK 144 4 .: Mini Cuties Adopts {Closed!} :. by Biiiscoito .: Mini Cuties Adopts {Closed!} :. :iconbiiiscoito:Biiiscoito 25 69 Pruhun shimeji by shokujupiterr Pruhun shimeji :iconshokujupiterr:shokujupiterr 8 10




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I have a lot of doodles, well, drawings of a new character i made, named Candy. She's supposed to be a Creepypasta OC but i don't know... I don't know if i should post them or not.. Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1]  Can u guys let me know if u want to see them? Um 


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